Live Action

Rathergood Reel

Here’s our reel. It should give you an idea of the kind of thing we do. If you’d like to...

My Favourite Revolutionary Catapult

I made a short song about my favourite revolutionary catapult.


I made this short song about y friend Aubrey who is sadly no longer with us.

Duck Song

I made this lovely little song for my friend Gordon Cheever, who is a duck. I am offering him my...

New Sphere!

It’s so versatile!

Break It All Apart

Blu Mar Ten – Break It All Apart (feat. Agne Genyte) [Break remix] Directed by Joel Veitch. itunes –

Project Sausage Drone Stage 2 – Sausage Parachute Drop

SAUSAGE PARACHUTE DROP! Stage 2 of Project Sausage Drone is to successfully parachute drop sausages. This film shows that stage...

Project Sausage Drone Stage 1

I am building an airborne drone capable of delivering a sausage at 100mph. Stage 1 of the project is to...

Turing’s Nocturnal Beef Trumpet – Egremont Russet’s History Of Fruit

Turing’s Nocturnal Beef Trumpet is a genuine wonder of fruit. Egremont Russet tells us all about it. This is what...

Johansen’s Despair – Egremont Russet’s Fruit Histories

Egremont Russet tells us about Johansen’s Despair – a wonderful variety of apple with which most people are today unfamiliar....