Classic Rathergood stuff!

*UPDATE* A lot of these pages link to flash files which are no longer supported by browsers. Sorry about that! Anyway I will leave the pages here in case anyone can see the flash stuff. Here is what I originally wrote: I have got a load of the original classic Rathergood content back online. Here are the links – get stuck in to some Old Skool Internets:

Independent Woman sung by Northern kittens – it’s Elbow’s Cover of the Destiny’s Child classic

We Like The Moon – the Spongmonkeys sing about the moon

Punk Kittens rocking out to Fell In Love With A Girl by the White Stripes

Alf Garnett – Destiny’s Child – misheard lyric animation of Independent Woman

A Frightened Boy

Pavarotti Loves Elephants – Elephants Yeah! – Misheard lyric animation of La Donna E Mobile from Rigoletto

I Bought The Wrong Bananas

Bunny’s Too Tight To Mention – misheard lyric animation of Money’s Too Tight To Mention by Simply Red – it’s Mick Hucknall doing rude things to a bunny rabbit.

Holding Back The Ears – misheard lyric animation of Holding Back The Years by Simply Red – it’s Mick Hucknall doing something awful to a bunny rabbit

Hey Mickey – it’s a big bunny getting his own back on Mick Hucknall

Iggy Pop’s Ocelot Shop

Gay Bar by Electric Six – the original flash animation with a flying puppy

The Swearotron! It swears far more effectively than any human

Buffy’s Swearing Keyboard

The Fishy Song

Communist Kittens sing Tanz Mit Laibach by Laibach


Ban Spoonguard!

Thinking About Your Axe-Wound – very naughty rude hedgehogs

Can You Imagine A World With Hover Bacon?

Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie, Put Your Hands All Over My Body- A Misheard lyric animation of Madonna – Erotic

Mango Biscuits

I’ve Got A Cat, He’s Got Some Knees

She’s Got A Chicken To Ride – misheard lyric of The Beatles – She’s Got A Ticket To Ride

Very sweary kittens sing Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues by Mcluskey

Angry Kittens sing Outtathaway by The Vines

The Zoology Dragon

Tales Of The Blode Episode 1

Tales Of The Blode Episode 2 – -A Trip To The Seaside

Tales Of The Blode Episode 3 – Marmot Mayhem

Tales Of The Blode Episode 4 – Food Feed Fury

Tales Of The Blode Episode 5 – Toad Turmoil

Tales Of The Blode Episode 6 – Attack Of The Uber Pea

Tales Of The Blode Episode 7 – Blode And The Moon Meat Mine

Blode And The Giant Bee

Abba – Jackie Chans On Me – misheard lyric animation of Take A Chance On Me

Hit That Perfect Meatball – a misheard lyric animation of Bronski Beat – Hit The Perfect Beat

Big Pant Trekking

I Like Your Pants

Sumo Florist

Elvis and his Blue Suede Monkey

Architecture For The New Millenium

Mark Llama Gerbil Farmer – it’s a cartoon where Mark Llama does stuff with Jarvis Cockerel and a dirigible gerbil

Mr Johnson

Mr Stabby – written by Joel Veitch, animation by Weebl

Chasm Spasm – an awesome game

A Kitten Band playing music on the beach! Music is John B – We Like The Music – this is where it all started.

We Like Papaya – a misheard lyric animation of Re-Light My Fire by Take That

The Datsuns – MF From Hell – sung by angry chinchillas

The W**** S*** Demon

Hardcore Morris Dancers – having it large to some jungle courtesy of MC Skibadee

Val’s Halal Kebab Emporium, Rusholme

Hippo Girl

The Tourette-a-Phone

Can I Have A Go On Your Baps?

Fat Slug – a misheard lyric animation of George Michael singing Fast Love

You’re The One That I Want, You Are the Vol-au-vent – misheard lyric animation of Grease – You’re The One That I Want

Small Worlds – a game of discovery

Angel Of Doom

Jimmy Jangle

Jockfight – it’s a game for 2 players, where you fight Scotsmen


Kylie just can’t get you out of my head


    • They are the original flash files, which unfortunately are not supported on phones and tablets – and probably won’t be supported by computers for much longer. I’m dribbling most of this stuff up to youtube over the next few weeks so you’ll be able to see those versions on any device.

      • THANK YOU!!!!!!

        Your videos brought so much joy into my life and I was so sad when I couldn’t find them anymore and couldn’t remember the name.

        Finally found them on YouTube today and have been sailing over the moon ever since. During these tragic times I can’t believe these can still make me smile and laugh.

        Your art is a gift to the world! ❤️✌

    • There’s a flash version in the classic rathergood stuff post. However, I will put up a youtube version which will play on phones etc soon. Watch this space!

  1. Bring back the Viking Kitties! Good work on the new site though, I’m glad you haven’t gone away 🙂

  2. Thank you. “Laibach Kittens” (as I think of them) is one of my favorite clips. I can watch/listen to them continuously and giggle. And I’m not even stoned when I do it, necessarily.

  3. I may be the only person in the world that remembers this, but what about that video of like chinchillas with humans eyes and mouths (or were they kirbies?) Basically just dancing in place going “la la la la la ooh hoo hoo.”

  4. Joel please. Fat slug doesn’t work anymore. The host you’re using doesn’t exit. Why not convert these so I can watch on youtube? love your work!

  5. Unfortunately, the classic ‘Chill Out’ video seems to be missing. Any chance we might have it posted back up?

    Oh, and many thanks for all of the videos over the years. Great stuff!

  6. Oh man, I remember watching all this lot 10 years ago. Now I can introduce my children to it….does that make me a good parent?

  7. i remember a version of gay bar with george bush and tony blair, is that still about or was that removed for some reason ?

  8. Tales of the Blode and Frightened boy my favourites! Watched more than 10 years ago! Fuck yeah! And they danced… TECHNO!

  9. Where are the animations with the queen? The brown tap? The corgis watching bukkake? It was hilarious! The new website sucks, I can’t find anything.

  10. show a little respect for genius. This “sucks”? No you suck resplendent man meat for making demands and contributing zero.

  11. Post the Public enemy bring the noise misheard lyrics. Water buffalo! One of the best skits ever from Rathergood, and I can’t find it anywhere! Also the sped up hippo girl song.

  12. Thanks for making all these! they helped raise my children into the weirdoes I can be proud of. I saw you converted most of the music videos but any chance on converting the flash games? I miss tourettaphone and smash-a-crab but the version you can put the face of anyone overlaying the crabs. it was great for relieving stress of annoying co-workers!

    • Ah this is almost certainly due to flash not being supported any more. Most of these things are available on youtube as video files now

  13. So much nostalgia right here! I distinctly remember some of these, in fact I was looking for the Independent Woman one a while back but couldn’t figure out how to find it. Discovered I still had a link to the Gay Bar one on one of my archived websites and it brought me here.

  14. Hi Joel, there is an effort to preserve flash games/animations via Flashpoint (

    Some of your videos were pulled from YT too (Hitting Pigs With Hammers comes to mind). Would you happen to have an archive of your now-removed animations or are they entirely lost to time?

  15. If nothing else, and because it is interactive and so not really suitable for YouTube, can we somehow convert the Tourettophone to work in HTML? “Minge”, “Flange”, “Nips”

  16. I would like to comment that the flash emulator Ruffle now has a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that will work for a lot of these. I used it to watch “we like the moon” yesterday.

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