Live Action

Roadkill Episode 2

Dave and Ed are on the run. Get the Songs: Bullion:… Eric the Squid Spinner:… Hover Bacon:…...

Roadkill Episode 1

Dave and Ed steal a car and go on the run. Credits: Joel Veitch, Mark Davison, David Shute, Patrick Schulenburg,...

Finger Thingdicator

I can indicate things with my Finger Thingdicator!

Christmas Manatee

When Christmas Manatee comes along, remember the words to this important song. Get the song from iTunes!… Get your...

Owls! Owls! Owls! Owls! Owls!

Jane and Steve loved each other very much. Jane loved owls. Steve had a morbid fear of owls. This is...

Great White Shark

Great White Sharks. Is there any sea beast more feared by humans?

Paper Planes Launched From the Edge of SPACE!

Woohoo! We totally launched a load of paper planes from the edge of space! YEAH! They were released at an...

Goblin Shark

Woop Woop Woop I’m a Goblin Shark! The Goblin Shark is the greatest idiot of the sea! Get the mp3...

63 un-words

These words may save your life

Kittens In My Christmas Tree

I’ve got kittens in my Christmas Tree! LALALALALALAAAAAA!