New site!

It’s time for a change. The old look Rathergood has been with us for many years, and it’s time we had a bit of a spruce up around the place.

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  • All the dates are wrong now.

    • joelveitch
      5 years ago

      ah yeah sorry about that. i’m afraid that’s unavoidable. i don’t think it’s that much of a big deal though is it?

  • Rather Swag
    5 years ago


  • wheres the old site? much better than this wordpress nonsense

    • joelveitch
      5 years ago

      I’m afraid the old site had become vulnerable to hackers- it was no longer possible to keep it up on the old system. Given that it needed to be re-built on a secure platform, I’ve bunged it on to wordpress as it is so easy to keep it patched and up to date. I don’t want to end up in a situation like this again, where we have to rebuild the entire site as the old system is no longer supported.

      I hope that makes sense, and sorry if you don’t like it as much – I’m sure a good few people will feel that way- but it is the only way forward I’m afraid.

      • As a wordpress dev the bunging is clear 😉 fair play, hope you can style this to look like the old one though. Loved the retro 90s webpage look did well for the company

  • Its rather good

  • So, what happens with the old php forum?

    • joelveitch
      5 years ago

      i’ve taken it down for now. that is a separate thing and not as vulnerable so it would be pretty easy to bring back, but i want to get the site fixed up first.

  • where’s the touretteaphone and the buffy swearing keyboard? and all the funny misheard lyrics videos? i hope they will be making a return eventually, they’re a part of history.

  • But I needed the swear-o-tron! Big dog’s c………

  • Joely please let us have our tourettaphone back

  • Shouting shouty shoutness.
    I am liking the calm duck egg blue.
    But it needs more LIPS.
    Please add lips.
    Thanks in advance here’s a fiver: 5er

  • I can no longer find “Blode and the Giant Bee” anywhere. This song is part of my childhood. If you would ever consider re-uploading it I would be deeply grateful.

    • I strongly agree with ninjarealist! I miss Blode and the Giant bee and the Fish song too…

  • Adrian Fields
    5 years ago

    There are some songs/animations that I can’t find anymore. Will they be available again? Please say yes and let it be so soooon!

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    Same for “Can I have a go on your baps”, “Cocktopede”, “Love your blubber”, the Queen’s series and other masterpieces that I have replayed so many times that they are now part of my life.
    Where are they? (Apart from Youtube).

    Please also do sort out the dates – you just have to fiddle with your database a bit.

    Anyway, thanks for creating the above in the first place. You are a genius.

  • Please, Please, Please bring back the tourettophone!!! Wanker, Bastart, Tits, Tit!!! Hooray!

  • Sarah M.
    4 years ago

    Second on “Blode and the Giant Bee,” as it was an integral part of my childhood as well. All of the Blode videos really.

  • I love your old things please if you can keep them. tourettophone and the blode vids are still great. when new friends of my kids come over i play these and they worry about their safety and dont camp at my house. i love this.

  • joelveitch
    4 years ago

    hey chaps most of these pieces are now back up at their old addresses, so you should be able to find them. A few are still not there, but hopefully I should get the last of them back up soon. Thanks for bearing with me!

  • You can still find Blode here: from a Boogle search, but it really isn’t good enough. Blode is an integral part of this site and to hide him away like this is just wrong. I expect it’s all David Cameron’s fault. Or maybe Tony Blair.

  • Someone
    4 years ago

    There was one “Angry Kittens” short you had where they were screaming some sort of loud guitar filled yelling shout music. It was awesome! Bring that one back!

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