Should I Worship Or Despise Jeremy Corbyn? – Quiz!

We all know that new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is either the best human ever to have lived or the worst. However, how can you tell which of these is the right truth for you?

I have made this scientific quiz so you can know for sure, without any hint of unhelpful doubt or uncertainty.

Which of these leaders is better?

Lenin. Known mainly for his amazing prehensile forhead.
Mussolini. Known mainly for his amazing prehensile eyeballs.

Which of these groups is responsible for everything that is wrong in the world?

The rich. They have all the money and all the power. It's all their fault and we should end them.
Migrants. Foreigners. Refugees. Asylum seekers. Whatever you want to call them everything is their fault.

What should we do with the armed forces?

Disarm. Get rid of them. We don't need an army. When we set the example others will follow, ushering in a new age of peace and harmony.
Bring back the empire! The natives will thank us for it - we can introduce them to cricket, monster munch and black pudding.

What should we do with businesses and property?

Nationalise everything! Property is theft!
Privatise evrything! Sell! Sell! Sell!

What should happen to people who disagree with you?

Make them move big rocks around for ages.
Make them stand up in a cage for ages.

Should I Worship Or Despise Jeremy Corbyn

You Got:


  1. Everyone should despise that Putin’s Bum Hole sniffing anti-Semitic, anti-Ukrainian, anti-Fluffy Kitty, pro-Terrorist, brain addled jackanapes!

  2. Everyone should love that flower sniffing, inclusive, anti-xenophobic, anti-racist, pro-Fluffy Kitty, pro justice, pro democracy, gentle, intelligent, republican hero.

    • Never! Corbyn sniffs Putin’s bum and must be abominated! And he is not gentle. he supports Hamas, supports the folks in Venezuela who lock up their political opponents and likes the idea of dead Jews.

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