Our Dinosaurs are going to live on Netflix!

Bad Dinosaurs was announced today, so I can finally mention it which is lovely. We are just starting production at the moment. Hooraaaay! Here’s what Netflix’s press release says:

Bad Dinosaurs (U.K./Spain)
Bad Dinosaurs is the debut animated series from Snafu Pictures, a high-octane thrill ride through the Mesozoic, that follows the hilarious shenanigans of a Tyrannosaurus family as they deal with the trials of life in the prehistoric wilderness, while surrounded by incompetent dinosaurs. Based on a series of phenomenally successful online shorts co-created by animation veteran Joel Veitch; animation will be produced by Able & Baker (Love Death & Robots, Dragon Rider), and directed by Academy Award shortlisted and multi-award winning Simone Giampaolo.


  1. Awesome! I have just discovered your hilarious dinosaur cartoons (believe it or not, I was led here by a link on the Wikipedia page for Hawkwind’s ‘Silver Machine’… ah, the joys of the world-wide-web-wormhole…
    I am so happy to hear that there’ll be a whole series of them! I have two young nephews who are obsessed with all things dinosaur. I’ve just introduced them to “Walking with Dinosaurs”… I suspect they’ll get one heck of a giggle out of your, um, homages!

  2. I remember watching rathergood when I was like 10 years old(maybe I shouldn’t have, haha). I decided to look you guys up today–and though i dont know who, if any, of the original people are still there–I’m happy that the name still lives on. Congratulations with your success!

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