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I Am A Sexy Man

What do stormtroopers do in their spare time? They dance to I Am A Sexy Man of course.

Putin interviews Campbell

Vladimir Putin is doing interviews now. He’s very good at it.

The Story Of Doctor Galapagos

Kittens singing Ride On Time by Black Box you say? Yes of course they are! What else would they be doing?

How To Sharpen The Perfect Pencil

You have been sharpening pencils wrong your whole life. Master craftsman Simon Arthrell takes his pencils extremely seriously, and here...

Kid Arthur

KID ARTHUR is the story of mortal foes and best friends Arthur and Mordred. They are the only magic kids...

AI Superintelligence Talk – A GOD MACHINE WILL KILL US ALL! Probably. – Joel Veitch and David Shute

Dave and I did a talk about AI, Superintelligence and humanity’s future at Think Party for Oliver’s Island. It is...

MayBot – an AI Theresa May indistinguishable from the real British PM

MayBot is an advanced Artificial Intelligence programmed to perfectly mimic the British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

The 14 Greatest Monkey Movies Of All Time!

We all know that the best films have monkeys in them, but which are the 14 greatest OF ALL TIME?...


When 4 girls are surprised by a burglar, who can save them?