Rocket Dog

This is Rocket Dog by 7 Seconds Of Love!

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It is a rip-roaring high-octane tribute to Laika, the dog who was launched into orbit, to die in space for the glory of the Motherland! We have combined ska and polka into a musical style I like to refer to as “Polska” – see how clever I am? DO YOU SEE? DO YOU?

By the way, I am aware that it was really Kruschev who launched Laika into space, not Stalin, but we’ve used a bit of poetic license because Kruschev is a bit lame compared to Stalin. He had a girl’s name for chrissake! Stalin is totally heaps loads better than Kruschev, so we’ve put Stalin in the song. I am fully expecting an avalanche of pedantic emails correcting me about who was actually in charge of the Soviet Union at the time of Laika’s suicide glory charge into the cosmos, so I am telling you now, I KNOW OK. ALRIGHT? I KNOW! AAAAAAARGH! I KNOW! AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

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  1. Actually it was Khruschev- Stalin had been dead for several years- and the Russians admitted after the collapse of the Soviet Union that it was all a lie. Poor Laika died during the boost phase. She actually was dead before she ever reached orbit.

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