Bacon Drone


I have made a drone which delivers bacon. In fact it can deliver an entire cooked breakfast of bacon, sausage, egg and mushroom with tomato ketchup.

It is made from sticks, coat hangars, tape and pool noodles. It is piloted via video goggles – it sends a video signal from a camera on the front via a small video transmitter to a receiver in my goggles.

Amazon may want to deliver their products by drone but they have nothing on me.

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All that Amazon stuff about drone delivery is pretty crappy compared to my amazing technological triumph. This is why I am so much more rich and successful than Jeff Bezos.

Some of you may remember I started this long and painful journey a year or 2 ago with a mission to make a 100mph sausage drone. I did succeed in getting it to go 100mph and drop sausages but failed to get the video piloting systems working in it, as it was too terrifyingly fast. Also I would never have got any kind of accuracy from it.

I hence decided to learn to build and fly multi-rotors, allowing for massively increased precision. I now, today, find myself finally at a breakthrough moment for both myself and humanity.

I intend to continue developing this as it should be able to operate completely autonomously from laptop-created waypoints given a bit more work.


Extra bonus information from the chump in the lab-coat: Not only did I nearly choke to death when Joel pole-axed me just as I was swallowing a mouthful of bread and scorched bacon, he then dropped me right in some dog poo. It was an amazing day.

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