Uncle Wormsley’s Christmas Trailer

“This macabre offering ranks as one of the darkest festive morality tales ever conceived” – The Observer

“…gloriously grotesque cautionary tale” – The Mail On Sunday

“dark and rather wonderful” – I

“A weird, exciting half-hour break from the norm” – The Guardian

“Funny, dark and frequently disturbing” – Time Out

Uncle Wormsley is a grey, decaying old man, who dedicates his life to the care of his only friend, a monstrous crab called Crabsley who lives in a dungeon under his house.

Across town lives Johnnie Goodington, a rich boy who has everything money could buy except one thing — a giant monstrous crab.

One Christmas, Johnnie’s father strikes a deal with the mysterious and shadowy Crab Catchers. Johnnie shall have his Giant crab, but dark forces have been unleashed, and who can tell where this will end?

Narrated by Steve Coogan, voiced by Julian Barratt, Julia Davis, John Thomson and Ben Baker.

Directed By David Shute


By Joel Veitch and Tim Gallagher.


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