Screaming Flailing Machine

Screaming Flailing Machine by Tygorz.

Behold the terrible majesty of the Screaming Flailing Machine!

This is our greatest triumph! This is our Masterwork! This is our gift to humanity.

Seriously, this is without a doubt the best thing of any kind ever created in the history of humanity by anyone ever. It is TOTALLY FREAKIN’ ROCK AND ROLL! HOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGH­!

Tygorz is, as you probably remember, our Rock Band. Normally fronted by my alter ego Klaus Umlaut, in this video Klaus’s cat, Katze Klaus, is standing in the lead role. This is Katze Klaus’s big break, so let’s support him in his endeavour. He’s giving it everything he’s got, as you can see in the video.

Clearly, this song and video, as a combination, is the single best thing of any kind ever created in the history of humanity. In fact it is MUCH BETTER THAN THAT! Still, however, I do wish I could make the monstrous Screaming Flailing Machine in the real world, as a real machine, and really ride it into the sunset in the midst of a thunderstorm, lightning firing from my upturned nipples as I scream my defiance to the heavens atop my horrific screaming flailing leviathan.

If you are in a position to help me realise this dream – for example if you work in TV production, or advertising, or make horrific and enormous machines for a living, or know how I can propose it as an art project and get government funding because it IS art dammit, then please get in touch and help me realise my greatest dream of really constructing my horrendous nightmarish leviathan.

This song is from the album Rathergood Songs, available on iTunes now:…


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