Unicorn Song

I made a song about the unicorn I bought.

We Love You Stegosaurus!

We made this wonderful song about Stegosaurus! We Love You Stegosaurus! Here are the words in case you want to...

Classic Rathergood stuff!

I have got a load of the original classic Rathergood content back online. Here are the links – get stuck...

Cow Song

We made this song about cows for kids TV show Jim Jam and Sunny, on CITV

Quiznos Subs Coupon TV commercial with the Spongmonkeys

This was the second TV commercial we made for Quiznos with the Spongmonkeys.

Wormsley’s Lament – sung by Julian Barratt

“This macabre offering ranks as one of the darkest festive morality tales ever conceived” – The Observer “…gloriously grotesque cautionary...

Quiznos Subs TV commercial with the Spongmonkeys

We made this wonderful commercial for Quiznos. It was aired during the Superbowl, and caused total mayhem! Clearly it is...

Finger Thingdicator

I can indicate things with my Finger Thingdicator!

Lion Toaster

This is Lion Toaster. It is a cautionary tale about a cat who bought a Lion brand toaster, believing the...

Christmas Manatee

When Christmas Manatee comes along, remember the words to this important song. Get the song from iTunes!… Get your...