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Rathergood was founded in 2000 by Joel Veitch, a multi-award-winning director, writer and performer.

We make comedy, animated and live action films and music.

With many years of production for TV, commercials, web, short film and music videos, Rathergood is your answer for fantastic content that will always raise a whoop of delight.

With work for major international clients including BBC, MTV, VH1, Channel 4, Sky, EBAY, Yahoo, Virgin, KPMG, HSBC, Barclaycard, Switch/Maestro, Nintendo, Sony, Lego, McDonalds, Quiznos and many more, you can trust us to deliver top quality projects.

Our multi-award-winning films have been featured in many international film festivals around the world.

Contact Joel Veitch at joel@rathergood.com

Here is a reel, so you can see what sort of thing we get up to:

15 Responses to “About Us

  • Andy Wheeler
    4 years ago

    Whenever I need to piss my pants, I always come to http://www.rathergood.com, thanks Joel

  • Where’s the junglist morris dancers gone? Love them

  • Sky high six thousand miles away

  • Ruby Townsend
    3 years ago

    Aww… where did the Happy Birthday Beatles Cover go? Copy right I suppose. Another one was.

  • I can’t remember the title but I remember watching a video you did of the Russian Cats marching and the lead one was singing “to eat an apple lolly” part, what was it called again?

  • I miss the buffy swears keyboard….. Sniffle….

  • Michael Hodgson
    2 years ago

    Oh baby, I’m thinking about your axe wound…. loved that song by the naughty hedgehogs!

  • Nick Vinnicombe
    2 years ago

    What’s happened to “ kick you “ –

  • After all these years, rathergood.com still hits my funny bone… GACK !

  • salley
    1 year ago

    I was about 13 when I first saw this video in the early 2000’s:

  • This website was part of my teenage years, can’t believe how long it’s been and how sites like this, b3ta, 4rthur formed my twisted sense of hummus.

  • Mary Canada
    9 months ago

    I miss the cheeky ‘smash the crab’ game. In a fit of nostalgia I tried to find it for my child and it was no longer playable, now I can’t even find evidence of it existing (probably removed, if it’s no longer playable) but it was so much mindless fun!

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