The Axolotl Song

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The Axolotl is the luckiest animal in all of Mexico, for he exhibits a property called neoteny, meaning that he reaches sexual maturity without undergoing metamorphosis. The axolotl can be induced to metamorphose by drinking salamander goo. Isn’t that BRILLIANT? We just HAD to write a song about it.

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  • A Herpetological Roundup – Jonathan Crowe :

    […] Finally, and because this roundup needs some levity, the Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum). It’s an ambystomatid salamander like the spotted and tiger salamanders, but this deeply weird (and critically endangered) denizen of Mexican lakes remains in its neotenic state throughout its life, only changing into its adult form if it’s induced by administering iodine or the thryoxine hormone. In 2015, the Rathergood comedy team came up with a song about the Axolotl, which they cleverly called “The Axolotl.” […]

    2 years ago

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