Bacon Drone

BACON x SCIENCE = IMMENSE POWER! I have made a drone which delivers bacon. In fact it can deliver an...

Bacon Rocket

We made a bacon rocket! Rocket Science and Bacon Science, 2 disciplines at the pinnacle of human achievement, finally united!...

When Clive Was Alive

When Clive was alive he so liked to jive, but now he is drowned in the sea. Get the song...

Pork Force

Pork Force! They’re Awesomely Warsome! Watch in amazement as this crack unit of porcine warriors battle for YOUR FREEDOM! Get...

Tiny Chainsaw

Tiny Chainsaw is from the album The Ham Machine by – get the song on iTunes here:… Get...

I Love You So Hard

The full film of I Love You So Hard. Get your wonderful I Love You So Hard tshirt here:


Do we really need any milk? Yes. Yes we do.

We Like The Moon

We Like The Moon! The Spongmonkies classic song from 2002, which spawned the famous Quiznos ads of 2003. Get the...

The Wrong Bananas live in the living room, with feeling

We recorded The Wrong Bananas live in the living room. It was an emotional experience. Deeply emotional.

Here are the five best cheese movies of all time! Number four will shatter your world!

We made a vid about The Best 5 Cheese Movies OF ALL TIME! Number 4 will shatter your world!