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Project Sausage Drone Stage 2 – Sausage Parachute Drop

SAUSAGE PARACHUTE DROP! Stage 2 of Project Sausage Drone is to successfully parachute drop sausages. This film shows that stage...

Project Sausage Drone Stage 1

I am building an airborne drone capable of delivering a sausage at 100mph. Stage 1 of the project is to...

19 Amazing Facts About Bells That Will SHOCK You!

Number 7 will make you cry. Get the song Submarine by 7 Seconds Of Love from iTunes…

Cow Song

We made this song about cows for kids TV show Jim Jam and Sunny, on CITV

Turing’s Nocturnal Beef Trumpet – Egremont Russet’s History Of Fruit

Turing’s Nocturnal Beef Trumpet is a genuine wonder of fruit. Egremont Russet tells us all about it. This is what...

Johansen’s Despair – Egremont Russet’s Fruit Histories

Egremont Russet tells us about Johansen’s Despair – a wonderful variety of apple with which most people are today unfamiliar....

Wilson’s Horse Explodes Badly – Egremont Russet’s Fruit Histories

Egremont Russet tells us about one of the great apple varieties that we no longer see in the shops- Wilson’s...

Crusha “Gym Kittens” TV commercial

We made this TV commercial with kittens pumping iron for Crusha. Agency was CST.

Crusha sponsorship idents on Nickelodeon

We made these sponsorship idents for Crusha, which ran on Nickelodeon. Agency was The Gate London.

Crusha kittens TV commercial

We made this TV advert for Crusha milkshakes. The agency was WTCS,