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Marvel at the glory of Kalinka

Marvel at the glory of Kalinka performed by the Red Army Choir with the Leningrad Cowboys.
This is totally amazing. AMAZING! I LOVE it with every bone in my body, and several bits that are not so much bony as merely cartillaginous.
Skankhammer doesn't share my utter joy when confronted with this. He feels that this heroic performance is either serious or not. Also, he muttered darkly about Shostakovich, and how he was denounced twice, and had his work banned numerous times, by the Soviets.
Of course times were very hard for anyone involved in any artistic endeavour under Stalin, but I can't help LOVING this kind of heroic music even if it is exactly the kind of thing Shostakovich would have hated, as Skanks asserts.
Anyway, this is only a folk song, just delivered in heroic style. For serious Stalinist music, try The Sacred War:

lyrics: http://www.marxists.org/history/ussr/sounds/lyrics/sviashchennaia-vojna.htm