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12 Days Of Christmas


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We've got The Hoff! And Ricky Gervais' cat!

This kitteny celeb-fest of a video brings you some of today’s biggest stars, all supporting Tommy’s 12 Days of Christmas.

Tommy’s exists to save babies’ lives because right now in the UK, one in four women loses a baby during pregnancy or birth. By 2030, we want to halve the number of babies who die during pregnancy.

Tommy's 12 Days of Christmas is a variation on this festive classic, with a range of possible activities for those who want to support us in December and January.

Order your fundraising pack, donate today, and please buy the mp3 – all profits direct to Tommy’s.

For little Jam Wilfrid Veitch

We made this video for Tommy's with the kind help of the guys from the band and all the celebs and others who were involved, because this is a subject that is very close to our hearts.

When our first son, Jam, died in 2006 our eyes were opened to the vast vacuum of knowledge around prenatal and neonatal death. We were astounded that in the UK 17 babies a day are stillborn or die within the first four weeks of life, and in over 60% of cases the cause remains unknown. That's a heartbreaking amount of precious lives lost, and a huge number of parents that have experienced the devastation we've gone through this year.

We hope Jam's short life can help towards improving awareness of the need for lots more study into why so many tiny lives are lost.

Jacqui & Joel Veitch