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Songs from Rathergood.com and 7 Seconds Of Love!

The Ham Machine by rathergood.com

The Ham Machine

Hoorays! The Ham Machine is 41 tracks of rathergood and 7 Seconds Of love mayhem! It is so good you will definitely puke.

1: The Internet is Made of Cats
2: The Axolotl Song
3: Spine Song
4: Funky Beaver
5: Rocket Dog
6: Fun With Pork
7: Let's Get Wasted
8: Kelp
9: Monkey Cup
10: Terrible Pain
11: Miss U
12: Cocaine Kate
13: Your Mum's Your Dad
14: I've Got An iPhone
15: Blissy You Were Happy
16: I'm Going To Kick You In The Fuck
17: Do That (Funky Shit)
18: Czech Board Game Maintenance
19: Goat On A Boat
20: My Toes Are Numb
21: The Power Of Science
22: Tiny Chainsaw
23: When We Live In The Sea
24: When Clive Was Alive
25: Diamonds In My Poo
26: I'm The Manatee, Bitch
27: My Pet Pig
28: When I Had A Cold
29: The Lesbonator
30: Kitten Chasing A Piece Of String
31: Base Wanking
32: Valentine's Day
33: Bacon Rocket
34: I Love You Chinchap
35: Pork Force Theme
36: Single To Penge
37: Look At My Potato (extended Spudstep Remix)
38: Christmas Manatee
39: We Wish You A Bloody Squidmas
40: Hail Posaitan
41: Hamazing


Spongs In The Key Of Life by rathergood.com

Spongs In The Key Of Life

Woohoo! Spongs In The Key Of Life is the best collection of music in the history of human endeavour! And it's available on iTunes
and Amazon.

1: Agamemnon
2: Bagger 288
3: Hover Bacon
4: Kitten War (with MC Elemental)
5: Bullion
6: Billy The Kitt
7: Flapping Our Lips Together In Slow-mo
8: Hitting Pigs With Hammers
9: I Like Beef
10: Angus and Fingus and Fungus
11: I'm Scared
12: Dolphin Love
13: Lion Toaster
14: Fink The Fox
15: What Have You Done To My Ham?
16: Little Pink Bear
17: Man Quiche
18: Mummy's Tummy
19: My Baby Goat
20: The Happy Spacemen
21: Goblin Shark (Woop Woop Woop)
22: Bucket Of Shit
23: Nazi Squid
24: The Beetard
25: The Herring Horde
26: The House That Looks Like Me
27: Wanky Shit Demon
28: My Pet Pig
29: We Wish You A Bloody Squidmas
30: Communist Christmas
31: Theme From Chasm Spasm
32: Eric The Squid Spinner
33: Not A Nut
34: You Are So Perfect





Rathergood Songs by rathergood.com

Rathergood Songs, the debut album from rathergood.com, is a 35 track romp of glorious classics. Without a doubt, it is the single greatest album ever made by humanity. You can get it from iTunes and Amazon.

1. We Like The Moon
2. Can I Have A Go On Your Baps?
3. Lalalala Football
4. My Cat's Got Knees
5. The Ballad Of Peniston
6. I Like Your Pants
7. The Wrong Bananas
8. The Fishy Song
9. Jelly
10. Seepage
11. La La La Oo-hoo-hoo
12. The Soluble Song
13. Sumo Florist
14. When Biscuits Go Wrong
15. Zoology Dragon
16. Look At My Helmet
17. Hippo Girl
18. Have You Got An Ocelot?
19. Bearslayer
20. Elephants Have Prehensile Cocks
21. Spanners
22. Giant Bee
23. Zookotron
24. Princess Twinkly
25. Love Your Blubber
26. Half A Guava
27. Cake
28. Cocktopede
29. Why Gooses Fly
30. Supercool Winkytool
31. Screaming Flailing Machine
32. Scheissefest
33. Van Full of Anvils
34. Manbeaver
35. (I Am A) Sexy Man


Danger Is Dangerous by 7 Seconds Of Love

Danger Is Dangerous is the life-threatening debut album from 7 Seconds Of Love. Produced by ska legend Gaz Mayall, this is the most important album of the 21st Century. Get it from iTunes
or Amazon NOW!

1. First Drink Of The Day
2. Danger Of Death
3. My Car
4. Twister
5. Love Me Like You Used To
6. Mzungu
7. One More (Or Ten)
8. Ninja
9. Looking For My Leopard
10. Unemployed
11. Soupy George
12. Submarine
13. Winners

Other Bits and Bobs

Here are various songs which aren't on any of the albums, so here they are FOR NOWT! Oh yes. And worth every penny.

Theme from Mind Control
Thinking About Your Axe Wound

Miso Hornsey

We Are Pork Products - Kraftwurst
Bring On The Wall
WSD Ringtone
The Infinite Descent
Didier Drobga - "It's A Disgrace"
He Bite Me
Singing Kitties
Fat Man Can Can
Science Is Interesting
(My Name Is) Ben Goldacre
The Kids
Killing In The Climb
Jesus Man
The Internet Animal Orchestra
Deep in the Singularity the Infinite Anemone Wafts in the Darkness and Shit
Heirophant 004