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Newsletter 83

Hellloooooooo and welcome to the 83rd EVER update from rathergood!

Joel's away on holiday this week, but he left us the keys to rathergood HQ and we've had so much fun! Seadave and I have not been missing Joel AT ALL! So much so, that we constructed a Joel shrine, and danced around it, hourly, singing songs about how we didn't miss Joel. And, do you know, it's worked! We didn't miss him at all In fact, we barely thought about Joel while we were dancing and singing about how much we didn't miss him. BOOHOOHOOHOO!

Anyway, on to the important stuff. We saw a brilliant advert for Japanese noodles a while back, featuring an insane cheese monster who torments his victims by ejaculating cheese out of his fingers; parmesan from the right, and cheddar from the left. It inspired us to do a little remix thing, with a bit of help from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, David Bowie, and some old spectrum noises (together at last!). Drink in its cheesy glory here: http://www.rathergood.com/cheese

Also, we've got a great misheard lyric from an old Public Enemy tune which Joel knocked out before HE CRUELLY LEFT US ALL ALONE: http://www.rathergood.com/noise

Ace, huh? Did you notice that both videos this week had cuckoo clocks in? Isn't that an amazing coincidence? I think we are developing some kind of "hive mind" between ourselves. Curiouzzzzzzz.

Oh, one other thing: Joel asked us to tell you that he loves you loads, and do you know, it's absolutely true. He's always going on about you, you lucky lucky people. I bet he'd never abandon you and go off for a week's holiday, would he? WOULD HE? Oh. Right. So, Joel will be back next week THANK GOD. Not that we've missed him, of course. We've been fine without him. Absolutely fine. Barely given it a second thought.

Anyway, must dash, we're late for our hourly Joel ritual dance. Seeeeeeya! Lord Skankhammer, MSkank (Hons)