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Music, goats, Zak, and pies

I had a music day today. The Skankhammer came over, and immediately complemented me on my teapot. It makes a musical sound when it pours, and I'd never noticed. The two great loves of The Skankhammer's life are tea and music, so this for him was a wonderful moment.

We whacked out a vocal line for the soon-to-be-techno classic "My House That Looks Like Me" and pretty much polished off recording a samba number about my happy goat, which is looking like it's going to be one of my all-time faves. It is so very very happy, and goaty. I get to go Uuuuhuuuuuh, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, GOAT! This can only be a good thing.

We also had a crack at recording on the video camera a little ditty about the rooms of the house- a kids song - not a proper studio recording just a little fun thing- with Zak in it. He wasn't in the kind of mood I was anticipating though and instead of dancing around gleefully, which is what we had in mind, he shouted "STOP DADDY" every time I started playing. We would start again... twang twang "STOP DADDY STOP IT NOW!" - I'll see what it looks like when I've got the footage off the camera, but I think it might be even lovelier, if somewhat more shambolic, than what we were actually planning to do.

Today I have eaten my home-made pasta (lunch) and my home-made steak and kidney pie (tea) as well as various other things. I shall be making more of these things and I shall also be trying making bread in the near future.

Here is a photo of me showing my glorious home-made steak and kidney pie to Zak, while he evaluates it carefully, with the approach of a connoisseur of fine wines testing an exquisite vintage.

showing zak my home made steak and kidney pie