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New Food Breakthrough

I have developed a breakthrough new foodstuff.

I have a large collection of bee-hives, in which live 57 varieties of bee. I have noticed that while they produce a large amount of saleable honey and wax, there is a total wastage of the bees themselves.

In order to improve the efficiency and profitability of my hive, I am now launching Baked Bees. They will be baked in tomato sauce (all 57varities), canned, and sold under the brand-name Heivz.

I am going to use the advertising hookline "Bees meanz Heivz"

Rush out and buy them now.

Survival Foods Breakthrough!!!

In my continuing struggle to provide new food product breakthroughs, I have most recently addressed the plight of the adventurer / lost traveller who finds himself stranded in the wilderness.

What are the two most important considerations for someone lost alone in the desert or the jungle? The answer is obvious- sustenance and navigational equipment to find a way out.

Currently, the traveller in this situation has to carry two cumbersome items- firstly the food, and then in addition to this a compass.

NO MORE!!!!I have developed MAGNETIC CHEESE.

Magnetic cheese provides all the nutritional value of ordinary cheese, yet when dangled from a string WILL ALWAYS POINT NORTH!!!

This will inevitably revolutionise adventurage.



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