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Uncle Wormsley's Christmas aired this Christmas in the UK and as I write this it is available on Sky Go for another 16 days. Hooray! Here are some choice press quotes:

“This macabre offering ranks as one of the darkest festive morality tales ever conceived” - The Observer

“...gloriously grotesque cautionary tale” - The Mail On Sunday

“dark and rather wonderful” - I

“A weird, exciting half-hour break from the norm” - The Guardian

“Funny, dark and frequently disturbing” - Time Out

I was really chuffed to see it made the critics choice lists for Christmas in loads of the papers, so I've popped some cuttings in this blog post. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

First off the Radio Times gave us a lovely write up in their pick for Christmas Eve:

Time Out magazine had a lovely review of Wormsley – I couldn't get my hands on a hard copy so I cut and pasted it from their web site:

Uncle Wormsley's Christmas

Sky Atlantic

10:00pm to 10:45pm

Time Out says

Star Rating: 4

With Christmas fast-approaching, the only thing that the incredibly spoilt Johnnie Goodington has ever wanted, apart from everything in the world, is a giant crab. Meanwhile the ghoulish Uncle Wormsley is living happily in his vast house with his only friend in the world – Crabsley, the giant crab. So when Johnnie’s accommodating parents get a call from the mysterious crab catchers, will Johnnie finally get what he wants?

In this funny, dark and frequently disturbing animated offering, Steve Coogan narrates a tale which is by turns didactic, ridiculous and fun. The voice-acting is excellent: Julian Barratt, John Thomson and newcomer Ben Baker all impress, while Coogan’s narration is the perfect blend of authoritative and silly. The animation is initially slightly jarring, planting real faces used on animated bodies, but gradually settles to complement the story. The three musical ditties are catchy and humorous too, peppering proceedings rather than outstaying their welcome. It’s probably unwise to let young children watch this on their own, but then watching it with them will hardly be a chore for most grown-ups. Jon Lynes


Animation narrated by Steve Coogan, telling a cautionary Christmas tale about love, greed and a giant crab. Featuring the voices of Julian Barratt, John Thomson and Julia Davis. AIHD SUB PICK

The Guardian Guide ran us in their pick of the day

The Sun

The Daily Mail

Time Out had us in their best festive viewing guide

The Independent had us in their pick of the week

We made the Sunday Times

The Observer

The Mail On Sunday

i Critic's choice

The Guardian on Christmas Eve

The Telegraph

Very importantly, the ever-glorious Popbitch gave us a lovely mention. Hooray for Popbitch! Here's a cut and paste:

>> rathergood news <<
Someone in TV sees sense

If you've ever used the internet,
you'll have seen something of Joel
Veitch's work. He did all the stuff
at rathergood.com - the dancing
kittens and the bunny-humping
Mick Hucknalls.

We have two great bits of news for you:

1) Gak Attack - the game Joel
made for Popbitch more than a
decade ago - is back!

2) TV has finally wised up to Joel's
talent - he has made a dark animated
fairytale. It won't feature Daniella
Westbrook's septum-less nose, but
it will be on Sky Atlantic over
Christmas, and features Julian
Barrett, Julia Davis and a giant crab.

We also got a mention in this guide to festive viewing on Den Of Geek, which says the show is proof that Sky comedy commissioner Lucy Lumsden is doing sterling work for the broadcaster.


I think that pretty much covers it. This is just what I noticed myself so I may well have missed something, but I think I'm justified in feeling that this has all worked out very well indeed!