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Der Spiegel on our Bagger 288 song

We were in the German press this week! Hooray! Der Spiegel gave our Bagger 288 song a mention, which is lovely! Here's the article:

Der Spiegel on "Bagger 288"

Babel Fish gave me a really useful translation as always- here it is:

The British Komiker Joel Veitch zusammengeschnipselt from one of the Garzweiler documentations a video (caution, loud!), completely different history tells: The heads of state of the world build themselves up with a secret meeting, because the earth " unprotectedly approximately; Godzillas" and " bad robots from the Zukunft" is. All are helpless, there play trumps the Germans with the idea, " Excavator 288" to design, a Stahlkoloss with enormous, blood covered blade sheets, which will repel all the new threats (said like Godzillas, giant robot etc.).