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This is the incomparable, wonderful and generally amazing Ivan Rebroff performing Katyusha live in Australia in 1982:


 Ivan Rebroff is my hero. He is sadly dead now, but just look at the guy! He could sing across 4 octaves. In this concert he sings in English, German and Russian. He is the size of a bear, and his beard is as furry as his wonderful hat! Look at his facial expressions! Marvel at the music! See the sheer size of that big bass balalaika! The song is BRILLIANT! Everything about this makes me glad to be alive.

I am learning how to sing Katyusha in Russian at the moment. I can sing it pretty well, but I currently need the lyrics in front of me. I'm not really sure what to do with this skill once I've perfected it- I'd like to record a version of the song with Skankhammer, and maybe do a little animated video with a tiny mouse singing it in heroic style or something. We'll see.

Skanks claims that not everybody in the world shares my obssession with all things Russian, but I think he is wrong, or mental. Probably both. How could anyone not love this wonderful, wonderful song sung by this wonderful wonderul man?