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Jim Morrison and the Greatest Of All Words

Grammar is very important to me, and very important to civilisation. Civilisation itself began when the Greek God Parentheses brought forth grammar from a swan and cast it down to Earth.

Parentheses was the son of fleet-footed Apostrophes and brother to the nymph Onomatopoeia, and the triplets Antonym, Homonym and Synonym.

These Olympians created the Dutch language, though it was not discovered for thousands of years (by the Dutch). This entire language was forged from bronze by the great, lame god of metallurgy Hyphenation specifically to provide a justification for the greatest of all words- Zeeëend.

Zeeëend, which translates to English as "Sea Duck" does not have an umlaut as you may have thought when you saw it- that is a diaresis. It looks the same as an umlaut but is different. The diaresis means the first "ee" is pronounced separately to the second "ee" - so it is pronounced "Zee End"

Jim Morrison was, you see, actually singing about a Sea Duck, and using the greatest of all words. Specifically he was singing about a Sea Duck with Diaresis, so it must have been completely covered in poo. Also, of course, he was singing with a German accent.

"This is zeeëend, my only friend, zeeëend"

So there he was, Jim Morrison, completely insane by the end of his career, dressed as Hitler, standing in the sea with a duck, pooing and crying and singing


He was a true American poet.

They tried to keep that bit quiet of course, and made out that he was singing about "the end" as if that makes any sense, but now you know the truth.

May you rest in peace, Jim Morrison. We will keep the true torch of your artistic vision burning.