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NASA like the moon as well!

The big news today is that I have heard from NASA and they are big fans. This is the bestest news EVER! As you are probably aware, we love the moon, and space, and NASA, and to hear this from them makes me wonderfully wonderfully happy.

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter arrived in orbit around the moon today, and NASA celebrated with the Spongmonkies singing We Like The Moon. I now have a wonderful image of the NASA control room erupting into WE LIKE THA MOOON in celebration. I do so very much hope that the control room in NASA is like that. Wouldn't that be great? Just the best thing ever in fact!

I did ask them if they has any spare tickets to the moon but they haven't responded with an offer at the time of writing. I expect they will do soon. We can sing about the moon on the moon! It will be GREAT! Hooray for NASA, hooray for the moon, and hooray for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter!