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Newsletter 78

Helloooo! And welcome to the 78th EVER update from rathergood!

We have a real treat for you today! We've made an amazing game! It's called Chasm Spasm! It's the best game EVER EVER EVER! Play it! PLAY IT! It's BRILLIANT!


Isn't that amazing? Utterly AMAZING! Interesting fact: A person who plays Chasm Spasm is technically known as a Spasmonaut.

Also, I've got this really lovely song for you. It's The Bathroom Song, and it's about the rooms of the house.


As you can see, Zak was keen to stamp his authority on the whole affair.

In other news, we are going to try and win the Olympics! Seriously, not a joke, we have an official triathlete, and he's going to try and win the Olympics. The official rathergood Olympian is Phil, and you can see him here:


If Phil gets to the Olympics, that means WE HAVE ALL GOT TO THE OLYMPICS TOO! And if he wins, then WE WILL ALL HAVE WON THE OLYMPICS! YEAH! WOOHOOO!

I'll keep you informed of Phil's progress towards glory for himself and us all on the blog. Hoorays!

I think that's about it for today, except to tell you that I love you. I really mean it! I'd make cheese for you! Out of milk! I'd get loads of milk and curdle it and turn it into a massive cheese and let it mature and then take chisels and sandpaper and carve it into a beautiful statue of you 100 feet high made entirely of my own special cheese! It would be in the Greek classical style, really flattering. You'd be nude of course- these statues always are. Don't worry though you won't need to pose- I'll imagine it. I'll imagine what you'd look like as a 100 foot high nude Greek deity and carve that out of my massive boulder of special cheese!

I'd totally do that for you! I really would! I'd be GLAD to!

If only I had some milk!

I don't have any milk.

I've run out and it's a bit of a walk to the shops so I can't do it but IF ONLY I HAD MILK I WOULD DO IT FOR YOU ALL FOR YOU!

Love, superhugs and sloppy kisses!

Joel Andrew Veitch MA