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Lubbing and general nautical insults

I was talking to Sea Dave, and he referred to someone as a "land lubber" - a phrase I have often heard uttered from nautical lips. I wondered exactly how one goes about lubbing? What could it involve? Is it fun? Is it painful? Is it dirty in any way?

It turns out that "lubber' is from Scandinavian origin, and means "big, clumsy, stupid fellow who lives in idleness" - so it works as an insult regardless of the "land" prefix. I could call Sea Dave a lubber, and it would make perfect sense. This does beg the question of what the hierarchy of insults is. I checked, and it goes like this:

land c**t
land lubber
land person
Moon c**t
Moon lubber
Moon person
sea c**t
sea lubber
sea person

So if you are talking to a sea person and he calls you any of the above things, you now know where they go in order of relative offensiveness, and you know how much or little offence to take.

In other news, I've whacked up a new batch of photos, at the usual place on flickr- have a butcher's if you fancy.


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