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Newsletter 77

Helloooooooo! And welcome to the 77th EVER newsletter from Rathergood!

Well, the main news this week is that I have constructed the world's most advanced William Shatner's Brain Simulator - The Shatnotron!

It uses bleeding-edge science to simulate in exact and perfect detail the experience of being INSIDE WILLIAM SHATNER'S BRAIN! It is totally immersive, and you will find yourself actually thinking you are William Shatner. It's amazing! It really is:


As well as that, I thought I'd let you know that if you tweet on twitter about rathergood it will now show up on the rathergood site! Have a look - in the left hand column. There it is! It's a good thing there aren't any idiots on the internet to abuse it eh? Ooh, thank goodness everyone on the internet is nice and trustworthy with the ability to tweet on to our web site. Phew.

Also, I've whacked some more photos up on the old flickr malarky. Oh dear I've come over all Jamie Oliver. Anyway, they're mainly family stuff and all that, here if you fancy having a gander, lahvely!


Anyway, I think that's about it for this week. Except to tell you how HOT you are, and how much I LOVE YOU. I love you so hard, I'd make a noodle for you! A rice noodle! One enormously long noodle! It would be the same width as a normal noodle, which is actually quite thin as it happens, but it would be the LONGEST NOODLE KNOWN TO MAN! I would make it by hand, slave over it until it was 30 miles long! Then I would delicately engrave the entire length of the noodle with poetry about how much I love you and how HOT you are!

I would TOTALLY do that for you! Except I don't have any rice here, so I guess I won't. But if I did I TOTALLY WOULD because I LOVE YOU THAT HARD!

I hope you're having the most wonderful day of your life! You deserve it! That's the LEAST you deserve because you are SO WONDERFUL!

Love kisses and superhugs

Joel Andrew Veitch MA