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Newsletter 76

Helloooooooooo! And welcome to the 76th EVER newsletter from rathergood!

We have a lovely little thing for you today - this is Little Pink Bear, and it is the touching tale of a cat who meets a cuddly woodland resident, told using the medium of song:

Little Pink Bear

Isn't that lovely?

You can get the mp3 from here as usual

Also there's Little Pink Bear t shirts up in the shop

Aren't they beautiful? Just think how attractive you will be in one of those! You will be IRRESISTABLE! You'll be fighting the suitors off with whatever comes to hand! They'll be mobbing you in their desperate desire! Lovely!

I've whacked a couple more little written things up on the blog this week - this chat with Sea Dave about how very much we like people

And this discussion with my new friend Steve about his search for improved self esteem, which is progressing very nicely thank you thanks to a wonderful, selfless helper

Also, for those of you who have an interest in either cricket or Christmas, you may be interested in this video of Jacques Rudolph ruining Christmas for everyone. Thanks Jacques

I think that's about it for this week to be honest, except to tell you how much I love you. I really do! I love you so hard! Oh wow I just think about you all the time and how totally HOT you are and I wish we were sitting here together right now.

I'd give you a brioche and I'd watch you eat it- really watch, with my eyeballs right up by your mouth, so close you were grating that brioche against my eyeballs while you ate it, that would be SO GREAT! And I'd sit there, not minding the pain of the brioche in my eyeballs, because YOU put it there and I got to watch you eating that brioche with your mouth up real close! OH YEAH! That would be AMAZING! And then later I'd go to the hospital to get the brioche out from my eyeballs and some of it would probably have got round the back and stuff but I'd just tell them about how I watched you eating that brioche and they'd be so JEALOUS of me and then I'd keep the bits of brioche in a special box on the mantelpiece for EVER AND EVER.

So yeah, I hope you're having a totally brilliant day! You really deserve it! YEAH! GO YOU!

Yours faithfully

Joel Andrew Veitch MA