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Bloody Weather

It's been snowing. Everything has ground to a halt because of the sodding snow. GOD-DAMN SNOWFLAKES! Lying motionless on the pavement, the tiny frigid hexagonal BASTARDS. They'll be MELTING into my DRAINS next, the cheeky uniquely-shaped fractal CUNTS! How would they like it if I started pissing all over their clouds?

Actually, I love pissing on clouds. vapoury airborne WANKERS! YEAH! Why don't they all just FUCK OFF BACK TO CLOUD LAND? If I had my way those clouds and all the fucking atmospheric gases would be jettisoned to the fucking moon. What a bunch of cunts those atmospheric gases are, blanketing Earth like some kind of invisible BASTARD. Yeah. And as for the LIQUIDS - what UTTER BASTARDS, taking up TWO THIRDS of our surface area like total morons.