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Making a new Ed

I am wondering about making a model of Ed- aka Skankhammer. A life-size model. I think the model should be made of Ed's skin.

I reckon we should make a cast of him, and then set about getting him to "exfoliate" with a cheese grater every day, collecting the bits in a bag and bringing them in to the office. He could "exfoliate" different bits of his body on different days to stop him whingeing about needing all his skin to keep his blood in and stuff. I'd drop the skin bits into the Ed mould, and mix it up with my special glue. Eventually the mould would be full, the skin/glue matrix would set, and then we would have a life-size skin Ed! Wouldn't that be BRILLIANT!

Ed seems a little bit hesitant about the idea. I have no idea why. He's making the usual pathetic excuses about needing his skin. Sometimes I think he's just not a team player, you know? "There's no "I need my skin" in TEAM" I tell him. He just looks dejected and ambles off. I bet he'll be more excited about the idea when the Skin Ed starts to take shape though. Then he'll see how great it really is!