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London Bridge Confusion

A few days ago, Zak went on a big boat on the Thames, with his mum, and Bliss, and some other friends. This evening I was putting him to bed - an excercise which involves singing a couple of songs after the lights go out. He requested London Bridge is Falling Down. This I dutifully sang, not realising the folly of my actions. I was interrupted  by a very concerned little boy as I sang.

"Went on big boat. Saw London Bridge. Not falling down."

 "Ah", I thought.

"Everything fine. Not falling down. Went on big boat. Not falling in water"

"Yes that's right" I replied, but Zak was now on a roll.

"Saw big ship (this refers to HMS Belfast). People on. On water. Saw London Bridge. Not falling down."

"That's right"

"Not falling down. All fine."


This continued for some considerable time. Infact I would go so far as to say that it seemed interminable. Zak was very concerned about my duff information regarding the structural integrity of London Bridge. I will not be singing that song again for  the forseeable future. Zak has spotted that it is factually inaccurate. I fear he will point this out at length if I ever sing it again.