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Newsletter 95

Hellooooooooooo! And welcome to the 95th EVER update from rathergood!

We have truly wonderful treats for you today! We have made a spectacular film for lastminute, featuring a man seeking the ultimate thrill in skimpy swimming trunks! It is UTTERLY WONDERFUL!


Isn't that AMAZING?

Also, I'm continuing with the putting up of things we've done for work- here's a wonderful song about fruit and veg which we did for kids TV show Jim Jam and Sunny, sung by a rabbit!


Hooray again!

We took some really gorgeous photos during the shoot for the lastminute video – have a look:


And I think that just about finishes our business for today, except to tell you that I love you! I love you SO HARD! I love you so hard I would carry a toilet up and down stairs all day for you! If I had to listen to music while carrying the toilet, I expect I would listen to Cistern Of A Down! HAHA! Did you get my funny joke?

Seriously though I would totally carry that toilet up and down and up and down until my legs collapsed, then I'd keep dragging myself and the toilet up and down the stairs till my fingernails were just bleeding stubs, and eventually with the last of my strength I would throw myself and the toilet down the stairs one final time, ending up as a broken and bloodied mess surrounded by shards of broken toilet and bits of my flesh, burbling my love for you through my shattered mouth, because that is how hard I love you!

Mwah! Mwah! Big sloppy kisses and superhugs! Oh GOD you smell SO GOOD! I wish I could just BREATHE IN YOUR MUSKY SCENT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Oh by the way I have a can of Wood Dye here. What would happen if I drank it? Well I *points at tin*

Yours sincerely

Mr Joel Andrew Veitch Member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences Master of Arts (Electronic Media) Oxford Brookes Bachelor of Arts (English and History) University of Leeds Founder of rathergood.com