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Newsletter 89

Hello there, and welcome to the 89th ever update from rathergood.com. Just a short one this week - Joel's away, you see, and it's difficult to write too much while locked in the rathergood HQ dungeon.

This week, we've spent a lot of time watching a video of a chap called Norm. He's quite a large gentleman, and since YouTube commentators aren't famous for their sensitivity in these matters, he's gone a bit mad. Anyway, we warmed to him, and thought we'd have a go at cheering him up, by remixing his rantings into a joyous Can Can! It's not one for the kids, as it's a bit sweary. And by "a bit", we mean "pretty much entirely":


In other, much more pleasant news, Rachael & Andy sent us a few pictures of a cake they made recently. We've whacked them up on the blog so everyone can appreciate the majesty...of the Demon cake:


Doesn't that look delicious? All that lovely brown cake, and that scrumptious white icing. Mmmmmm.

Anyway that's about it for now. Joel did ask us, as he was leaving us locked up in the dungeon, to tell you that he loves you very much. He loves you so much that he'd lock you in a dungeon, for a week, with only a shouty man called Norm swearing rhythmically at you to keep you sane. Yes, he'd really do that for you.


SeaDave3000 (M.Universe) and Skankhammer (M.AllHeSurveys)